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Networking Do’s and Don’ts

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Yvonne Guibert. Twitter @buzzystreet I have been involved in the workers’ compensation industry now for over 30 years! Sometimes that’s hard to believe! In the last week, I attended the two events: the Spring Forum on Workers’ Compensation in Orlando and also Speed Mentoring & Networking, an Alliance of Women

Why don’t we educate employees during the ”honeymoon” stage?

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Kristen Chavez | Pres & CEO WorkCompCentral Twitter @NchavezKristen For a few years now, the workers’ comp industry has been talking about injured worker advocacy. I attend a lot of conferences and hear many speakers talk about injured worker advocacy, claim advocacy or doing what’s right for the injured worker.

Jobs which will grow have many foreign-born workers.

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Peter Rousmaniere email [email protected] Workforce growth in the United States is barely 1% a year. Work injury frequency continues to decline. Where can an insurer or TPA look to find any growth in business? There are, in fact, several major occupational groups which are growing much faster than the rest,

Breaking the Negativity Habit.

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Becky Curtis | Twitter @BeckyTCC | Speaker – Pain Management Coach “I can’t stand this pain one more second!” This line had become my mantra, my focus, my rumination. Normally an upbeat happy person, this pain really got me down I spent many hours of my day ruminating on negative

Discussing Sensitive Topics with Injured Workers. Part 2

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Linda Van Dillen, RN, BA, CCM; Twitter @CompAllianceRN; VP Communications & Chief Quality Officer, CompAlliance In Part 1 of this post we discussed what keeps us as claims and healthcare professionals from discussing sensitive topics with our injured workers. In this post we will discuss a method to increase the