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Day 1: WCRI 35th Annual Issues & Research Conference | Phoenix, AZ

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I thoroughly enjoyed covering the #WCRI19 Conference in Phoenix today for WorkCompCentral. Got to rub elbows with several veteran bloggers…honored to be in their company. Joseph Paduda missed the first three sessions due to a delayed flight. Oops. The data presented by WCRI is always fascinating…however, it is quite challenging to see, hear, digest and summarize all

Debunking MSA Myths…

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Jennifer Jordan, attorney, counsel for Louisiana Association of Self Insured Employers (LASIE), editor-in-chief of The Complete Guide to Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance, published annually by Lexis-Nexis since 2010.  I recently read an article strongly recommending professional administration of MSAs that left me with one thought – when are we going

Prepping for a media interview

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Helen Patterson, president King Knight Communications. Twitter @HKKnight  When a reporter calls, resist the temptation to just pick up the phone and let your thoughts flow. You might say something you regret and you’ll most likely miss an opportunity to convey an important message. Buy some time. If a journalist

Update on the Texas Workers’​ Comp System

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I caught up this week with Stuart Colburn, defense attorney, Comp Laude® winner and partner at Downs Stafford, PC law firm in their Austin, Texas office. He is also co-author of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Handbook published by Lexis-Nexis. Stuart has agreed to give us a monthly update on what’s

Injured Worker Advocacy and Why it is Important

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Kristen Chavez shares her passion for injured worker advocacy I recently caught up with Kristen Chavez, president ,and CEO of WorkCompCentral. You can Tweet her @NchavezKristen. She’s also on Instagram and SnapChat and after that, IDK. Let’s just say she’s well connected on social media! Kristen has agreed to contribute