Experts in WC | Day 1: WCRI 35th Annual Issues & Research Conference | Phoenix, AZ
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Day 1: WCRI 35th Annual Issues & Research Conference | Phoenix, AZ

I thoroughly enjoyed covering the #WCRI19 Conference in Phoenix today for WorkCompCentral. Got to rub elbows with several veteran bloggers…honored to be in their company. Joseph Paduda missed the first three sessions due to a delayed flight. Oops.

The data presented by WCRI is always fascinating…however, it is quite challenging to see, hear, digest and summarize all the info presented into a manageable piece of information. So here you go…my summaries are posted on the WorkCompCentral blog:

WCRI Part 1: Sessions 1, 2 and 3 morning sessions presented before lunch.

WCRI Part 2: Sessions 4, 5 and 6 afternoon sessions presented after lunch.

For your convenience, here are links to several other industry bloggers and their musings….btw…they have been doing this much longer than I have:

Joe Paduda: Managed Care Matters

Mark Walls: Safety National Conference Chronicles

James Moore: Cut Comp Costs Blog

Bob Wilson:

Friend and colleague Nancy Grover sat next to me. She’s writing for but not sure when or where her posts will appear. I was only slightly intimated by her mad typing skills during the sessions today…I thought I was a fast typer!

Following the sessions, WCRI invited attendees to a rooftop cocktail reception. The weather was perfect and I overheard
several references to last year’s frigid weather in Boston. Seems the consensus is folks really like Phoenix in February!

We’ll be back at it tomorrow morning bright and early.

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