Helen Patterson. @HKKnight A better media interview? Sometimes people who have the most to offer on a topic are reluctant to talk to the media. You may think that everyone already knows the information (they don’t) or you may have a fear of being misrepresented. Some sources become frustrated after a 20-minute interview and only one line ends up being published in the story or they weren’t quoted at all. It happens. Writers end up discarding information that doesn’t fit the story’s direction. It’s possible that another source said something similar, or the journalist altered the direction of the story, making portions of the interviews irrelevant. When talking to the media, some things are beyond your control. However, there are ways to improve your chances of being quoted as the savvy expert you are. Here are my tips for improving your media interviews.

Artemis Emslie. @ArtemisEmslie What are we doing to contribute to workforce readiness? I am a trustee advisor for the Committee for Economic Development (CED) out of Washington DC. CEOs of all different industries act as advisors to CED for policy making on core issues. One of the CED issues currently occupying my thoughts is the topic of education and workforce readiness. Our education system really hasn’t seen significant change in many decades. How can we expect the same system that existed during WWII to meet the demands of our growing and changing society today? As business leaders, what are we doing to better prepare students to enter the workforce? Sure our kids are driven. They make the grades, pass the tests and complete the necessary steps to advance in school: from elementary to junior high, to high school, to college; even move on to graduate school. However, this only meets the demand of a small segment of what businesses need. How can we do more to prepare students with fundamental skills and get them ready to go to work? As leaders of companies, it is our obligation to innovate, to partner with school systems and do a better job of preparing students for work and how they contribute to our society at large. How can we better collaborate with school systems? We have to look beyond entrepreneurship, fellowships and internships. How can we integrate what is happening in schools with what is happening in business? In real time? We must create environments where students are able to learn how to thrive in business and become productive members of society immediately upon exiting the school system.

Chikita Mann. @iamChikitaBMann Do you squirm when put on the spot? These tips help you shine. I certainly could have used some of these tips in the past. This article from the Harvard Business Review solidifies the importance of three important things to remember the next time you are put on the spot: preparation, tact and patience. Whether you find yourself in a business meeting, as the primary speaker, or on a speaker panel, remembering these three things enhances the likelihood of you being seen as an informed and engaged professional. I’ve even printed this article out for my own speaker file. Hopefully you can glean some helpful tips as well.

Yvonne Guibert. @buzzystreet AWWC Ambassadors meet in Chicago. Last week, the Alliance of Women in WC (AWWC) held a meeting with its ambassadors in Chicago. About 15 ambassadors came together to participate in a workshop meeting with AWWC board members to share ideas, review processes and goals for the year. The day included a “Mock Event Collaboration” where ambassadors collaborated in groups to create events, including the type of event, venue, sponsors and audience. Each group presented their event idea to the rest of the group. It was a fun, productive day and it was great to meet and spend time with board members and ambassadors from other cities. Last week alone, ambassadors held local events in Chicago, Tampa and Philadelphia! Next week, there is a brunch event in San Antonio the day after RIMS. And we are excited to announce that in August at the WCI360 conference in Orlando, FL, Jean Chatzky @JeanChatzky of NBC’s TODAY Show will be our keynote speaker. The mission of the AWWC is to effect positive change in the workers’ compensation industry through networking, support, mentoring and collaboration. Ambassadors are located throughout the US and help support the mission of AWWC through social networking events, workshops, seminars and panels. All AWWC events are open to men and women in the industry and are designed to spark conversation and collaboration. For upcoming events in your area. Interested in co-sponsoring an AWWC event? Contact me!

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