Happy Friday and welcome to the second installment of WorkCompRecap! Please follow @expertsinwc on Twitter. This week I’m pleased to present an all female recap. Enjoy! Comments and suggestions are welcomed!

Tammy Boyd, Twitter @tamiami813, VP Business Development at NeuroInternational, discusses her takeaways from the Brain Injury Summit she attended in beautiful Vail, CO…1) many medical and clinical professionals from around the world presenting their most recent findings; 2) collaboration from many passionate and dedicated professionals who touch the lives of brain injury survivors; and 3) Craig Hospital’s vision and leadership to foster positive relationships. If you don’t yet follow Tammy, she takes the most amazing photos wherever she goes…her photos consistently win best photo contests and are often chosen / used by companies in their own social media campaigns. Look her up on Instagram @tamiami813!

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson, Twitter @RosemaryMcKen13, founder of Craig’s Table, and way down under in Adelaide, Australia opines…Many people believe that the injured worker community belongs only in the workers compensation arena. That is not how I see it. I believe that the injured worker community belongs within the social equity and social justice arena. Every social issue can be found within the injured worker community…drug addiction, homelessness, illiteracy, innumeracy, poverty, family breakdown, hunger and crime. Lee Iacocca in his book Where Have The Leaders Gone talks about the work that was done for a very long time before airbags were safe enough to put into cars so that the airbags didn’t do more harm to the people than the car accident had already done. From the work that I do within the injured worker community I say it is now time to do the work that is needed to remove and prevent social inequity within the injured worker community.

Rachel Fikes, VP & Study Program Director, at Rising Medical Solutions, invites you to register for an upcoming webinar titled “Insurtech & Talent Crisis Crossroads: How successful claims operations maximize next generation technology & talent.” Panelists include: Denise Algire with Albertson’s Companies, Scott Emery with Markel Corporation, Barry Bloom with The bob Group and Jason Beans of Rising Medical Solutions. The panel will be moderated by Dan Reynolds, editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. These experts from the fifth annual Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study will discuss how high performance claims organizations are navigating and even maximizing the intersecting crossroads of Insurtech and the talent recruitment/retention shortage. Webinar attendees will receive complimentary copies of the 2017 Benchmarking Study Report and the white paper “Do 10,000 Hours Make a Great Claims Professional?”

Yvonne Guibert, Twitter @buzzystreet, marketing consultant. The highlight of my week was hosting WorkCompCentral’s first educational event in Florida with Kristen Chavez at The Don CeSar Hotel, celebrating 90 years! Amazing quality networking and engagement. 52 work comp professionals, including our esteemed speakers, came together for 1.5 days to participate in “Real Conversations About Comp,” a dynamic and engaging review of hypothetical scenarios in the work comp system, with a stellar expert panel including: Judge David Pollak of Van Nuys, CA, Robert Rassp, Esq., Judge David Langham of Pensacola, FL, claimant attorneys Brian Sutter and Geoff Bichler, Rafael Gonzalez standing in as defense attorney, Linda Butler from Walt Disney World Resort, Bobbie Culver from Commercial Risk Services, Rick Thompson from The Zenith and Dr. Pritesh Parbhoo, PsyD from NeuroInternational. Participants were very engaged and made many great suggestions on how we can continue to improve upon this educational model for future events. The second day was a full day of MSA / MSP Compliance issues with Jennifer Jordan, Chief Legal Officer of MEDVAL, Rafael Gonzalez, President of Flagship Services Group, Erin O’Neill, Clinical Director at MEDVAL, Mark Pew, Sr. VP at Prium and Mark Popolizio, VP of MSP Compliance at ISO Claims Partners. Listening to any of these folks is a learning experience, but this week they were on fire. I have to say I witnessed some of the most engaging and entertaining discussions about MSA’s to date. Thanks to MEDVAL, NeuroInternational, Prospira Pain Care and CompAlliance for sponsoring / exhibiting. Full recorded sessions will be available online soon.